Three Ways To Make SMALL Living Spaces Look Amazing

Dated: November 7 2018

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Image title   Ever feel like your SMALL living space is giving you a BIG headache? Driving yourself crazy thinking "What can I possibly do with this place?" Tiring yourself out by constantly moving furniture around to give the appearance of "more room" or that cozy feel? Believe it or not, small spaces are easier to work with than you think! You have numerous ways to be creative in your small space! Best part is, it may be with stuff that you already have! If not, there are several cost effective ways to spruce up your place to your own liking. These are just a few helpful tips to give your "small" living space a larger and/or cozier feel to it!  

1. Paint Colors Are Key!

  There are two different routes you can go. Whether you're looking to give your space a roomier and/or cozier appeal to it, the color scheme you choose is very important!

  •  If you're looking to "widen" the appearance of your living space, you will want to go grab those basic colors such as white, cream, beige and/or light gray. This will make the room not only brighter, but give it a smoother touch and appears to "widen out" the walls and space!

  • White ceilings are one thing to keep in mind! White ceilings tend to draw the eyes up, giving the atmosphere a wider feel. Although painting the ceiling can be a bit of a drag, it's important!

  • On the flip side of things, embracing the small-ness of your living space is also something to be considered! Rather than give the appearance of a larger flat, go bold and cozy! Going with darker shades such as black, dark navy and/or charcoal, will give it a warmer, homey feel to it! 

  Whether you decide to go light or dark, adding paint to your small space will help you get the effect you’re going for, both quickly and affordably.

2. Be Storage Smart!

  Living in a smaller space can be challenging when it comes to storage as closet and cabinet space is usually very limited, so you just end up with clutter everywhere. Have no fear! Here are a few helpful hints to help you with that clutter and unnecessary taken up space.

  • Kitchen

    • Spice racks! Spice racks are definitely a necessity! How many of you have numerous spices and such just CLUTTERING up your limited cabinet space? Spice racks will eliminate more than half of the clutter in one compact compartment. You can also be creative with a DIY spice rack. Hint Hint: If you have extra drawer space, you can use this to store your spices too!

    • Add holders to the back of cabinet drawers for such things as paper towels, tin foil, etc.

    • Have an empty shoe box laying around? Use it to store your cleaning supplies in one compact compartment as opposed to spread around!

    • Do away with a large trash can. Use the cabinet space under your sink to store a small garbage container! Who wants to see, and smell, a garbage can out in the open anyway!?

    • Hint Hint: You can also use smaller shoe boxes to store food in your cabinets; i.e. a box for all your canned goods a box for all your boxed and baking goods, etc. 

    • Don't forget those lonely walls! Walls are a great place to hang shelves! Another hint hint: Wall shelves are an ever great-er place for those spice racks!

  • Bedroom

    • Plastic drawers! You know that tiny closet where you think to yourself "I can't fit anything in here!" Yes you can! Plastic drawers are key, low cost and best of all, STACKABLE!!! These can be used for storing just about anything such as clothes, shoes,  holiday decorations, etc. It helps eliminate the clutter out of your closet so you can use the space for more necessity. 

  • Bathroom

    • Remember those spare shoe boxes I mentioned? The bathroom is the BEST place to use them to help with the clutter! Use them to store beauty products, cleaning supplies and other bathroom necessity.

    • Plastic drawers also come in handy - and they come in mini size (which are perfect for storing make up and such!)

    • Shelves! If you have enough standing room, putting up shelves are great for placing decorative items, air fresheners, extra toiletries and more!

    • Shower stands are a great way to get rid of those shampoo bottles that cram up the corners of your shower and/or tub! They come in all sizes to fit your shower needs! 

3. Furniture  - Make it Work!

  When living in a space that is limited, making the furniture "work" is very  key! One of the things to keep in mind is that when living in a space that is limited, sometimes you have to piece it together like a puzzle - some pieces fit perfectly, others just don't. What to do? 

Here are a few tips to fit a LOT in your small space!

  • Transforming ottoman - these can turn from simple ottoman into storage space or a small table.

  • Flat, sliding storage bins - for easy storage under your bed, couch or to stand up straight in your closet.

  • Suction storage bags - These work wonders when storing old clothes, seasonal clothing, curtains, linens, etc. They create even MORE room!

  • Bench and/or table with a storage area in the inside! These are also great decorative pieces! Hint hint: These can also be covered with a table cover or small curtain to be turned into a table to show off your decorative odds and ends!

Living in a space that is smaller than average, does not mean that you have to "do away" with your extra things or drive yourself crazy with clutter - it can actually bring the more creative side of you out in the open! It will give you more idea on how to make your small living space your home and be comfy and cozy!

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