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Dated: July 8 2019

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Are you thinking about purchasing a home and are in the process of touring homes with an Agent? Do you know what will come with the house you want to buy? Do you get to keep all the appliances, the art on the walls or that trendy Italian pizza oven on the patio?

Determining what will stay with the home and what will move with the Seller will vary by the previous owner and the  terms of your contract. Here is how to figure out what conveys with the home you’re considering, as well as some helpful tips to safeguard yourself when negotiating for those extra items.

1. Start with checking the MLS listing. This is square one!  Look at the original listing very carefully with your Realtor.  The Seller often specifies the items included in their property’s asking price.  New Homes all have different contracts, so ask for a copy of the contract and read it thoroughly with your trusted adviser.

2. "The Screwdriver Rule"  For the most part, if it's attached and it takes a screwdriver to remove, it’s considered a part of the home. This includes shelves, light fixtures and even curtain rods. Ovens and ranges are considered attached. But, if it’s hung on a nail, and removable? It's likely not included in the sale.

3. You Can Negotiate with the Seller. If there’s something you’re interested in that isn’t part of the listing, we can negotiate with the Seller for those items. It just has to be included on the contract or on a Bill of Sale. (Sometimes its best not to include the Seller's personal items on the contract. Ask yourself, what  ismore important? Getting the home you want or the dining table that fits the room perfectly.)

4. Speak with your Lender. If the Home owner agrees to include those desirable big-ticket items, you’ll want to notify your mortgage lender. Depending on the type of loan you have, these items could affect the appraisal or even change the value of the property! 

So, that newer tech-forward washer and dryer you had your eyes on? You should assume they’re not included in the sale. And for the trendy brick pizza oven? If it’s built-in, it’s  already built into the listing price. 

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